surTHRIVING™ After Sexual Abuse Podcast

Are you just surviving in your life, are you ready to thrive in your life?
Want to be happy, stop living in the what if’s and get unstuck?

Tune into My surTHRIVING™ After Sexual Abuse Podcast

surTHRIVING™ After Sexual Abuse Podcast

A surTHRIVER™ & Advocate for Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault; I’ve discovered what it takes to accept what is, leave it in the past and take control of what is possible to succeed and Thrive in YOUR Life.

This Unconventional Approach Provides Rapid Success. Listen in and discover how YOU too can master and transform your life!

Become a surTHRIVER™

Our mission with the show is to empower survivors to take back their power to Get Help, Get Healed, and Get Happy™ to release the shame of their perpetrators’ crime, and live a happy, healthy, productive life.

“We didn’t commit the crime, we must stop doing the time!”

We are creating a program that will show other survivors of child abuse and sexual assault the endless positive possibilities of their potential after trauma.

Rena's Gift To You:

52 Weeks of Transformational Affirmations


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